New Year – New Domain!

2013 is the year I decided to get serious about my ambitions and ultimately focus on what makes me happy. Having spent most of my time so far this year identifying my goals and working on a road map as to the “where, when and how” of them all – I have to admit, I am at times overwhelmed by the amount of work I am creating for myself. As I prioritize my objectives it became evident that the most critical piece to work on right away is this website. It will serve as the official presence for what I do and keep you informed of what’s to come and the progress being made on those you care about the most. I am also hoping it will serve as a motivation for me to keep honest, stick to the deadlines I set for myself and “just frackin’ do” what I envision. Sometimes that part is the hardest.

The majority of my time will be spent on developing content for in an effort to broaden it’s reach and grow the community. That is my primary goal for this year and beyond. However, there are several other projects I will be focusing on this year as well. Some will be worked on in the background and kept close to the chest while others will be more visible and developed on the fly. I feel some projects need to have their growth visible to those who consume it so that the changes and growth accurately reflect their feedback. Much of what I create works best as a living thing that grows with us so that it becomes something everyone is proud of and will want to share with others. As I determine a project ready to be announced – you will hear about it first here.

Speaking of here – this blog, though a clean slate on this domain, is actually a blog I have had for 8 years now. “It’s Only Temporary” started as a personal blog on on December 29, 2004. Though I have moved the blog a few times the name, which originally was meant to be “temporary”, has grown to mean a great deal to me. It is only fitting to bring it here with me. Though I have the original blog archived I may post some of the things I wrote there over the years here from time to time to keep it’s legacy intact.

And with that – Welcome to my new presence on the Internet! Have fun poking around and thanks for coming along for the ride. 2013 holds the promise of great things to come and I look forward to sharing them with all of you.