Dinner, Distractions and Discipline

Typically during the first week of December my office undergoes a metamorphosis. Since it is located at the front of the house and is an “open air” concept it is a necessity that I move my desk from it’s semi-permanent location so that the Christmas tree can be seen from the front window. So, for the month of December I no longer have my view out of the front window and gain a feeling of seclusion that during the weeks to follow I grow to appreciate. It gives me the opportunity to truly focus on my work and not spend time staring out the window looking for the mailman or some other distraction to pull me away from what I should be doing. Having spent most of the morning Saturday moving my desk back to it’s rightful place and once again having my view of the street out front of my house restored I was reminded of my penchant for simple distractions. This caused me to take some time to think about my goals for this year and what I need to do in order to stay true to the road ahead.

As I said in the first post for my new home on the Internet, I have multiple projects that I am working on this year. As the days continue to fly by and I assess what I am striving to achieve in just a few short months and the amount of work involved I realize that I will need to work on being more disciplined than ever before if I want to have the slightest hope of achieving my goals. Discipline has never been my strong suit. Anyone who knows me can vouch for my innate skills at finding mundane distractions to occupy my time that have absolutely nothing to do with my work. And my skills for justifying that wasted time can be even more impressive. However, I have made the commitment to myself that this year will be different. That I will put more effort towards my goals and really work on achieving them as opposed to simply talking about and wishing they would come to fruition.

So, armed with the knowledge and self-awareness of my dedication deficiency I quickly put my hands to work writing once my office was ship-shape and in Bristol fashion. I set to work writing a post that I had been putting off for NerdCRIT and set about finalizing the touch up work while it was being reviewed by my daughter. You’ll understand why I am waiting on her once you read it. The thing you need to focus on here is that I wrote. I didn’t just think about writing – I wrote. Furthermore I decided that I will do my best to make time every day to write in some creative form or fashion. The length of the exercises aren’t necessarily as important as the fact that I get in the habit of writing and getting my mind in the mode of creating new ideas, content, etc. I’ll set more stringent guidelines for these exercises as they become a part of my daily routine so that when November comes I’ll be prepared for NaNoWriMo.

Dinner at Samantha and Henry - Jan 12 2013Once I finished writing and was pleased with my accomplishments for the day it was time to head out to our friends Samantha and Henry’s house for a family dinner. Henry had made pork and sausage jambalaya with collared greens while Samantha made her white chili, corn bread and biscuits. I’ve added a picture of my plate here just so you can see how good it was. Samantha is a new mother to our God son Alexander and has started a blog of her own called Samantha:  A Domestic Goddess. I highly recommend checking it out. Not because she’s my friend, but because she puts several of her recipes online and I can vouch for each and every one of them. Not to mention she gives very sound advice not only on parenting but on life in general. So check her work out and tell her I sent you!  Oh – and there was also some shenanigans surrounding finger nail polish.  That picture is on Instagram, so feel free to click the link up top to see what that was all about.

Now that my writing exercise for today is complete – it is time to go see how the Houston Texans are doing in the playoffs. Baltimore Ravens already won yesterday so my dreams of a Houston vs. Baltimore Super Bowl hang in the balance. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before – I am a masterful proponent of procrastination.