Month: December 2013

Happy New Heliocentric Orbit!

Here is a movie that Google+ compiled of the photographs and videos I took over the past year.  It was made using their “Auto Awesome” feature and I think it’s brilliant.  It’s saved to my G+ page and my YouTube Channel for future reference as well.



Christmas Vacation Has Begun!

Carolyn Christmas Concert - Dec 17 2013I posted this picture on Google+ this morning and wanted to add it here with a little bit more thought.  I wanted to add this thought on the original post but I think it has a better place here.

While writing that post and thinking about what Carolyn said in regards to me not being able to hear her, I started wondering –

Do all little children think that their parents don’t see them or hear them when they are participating in events such as this?

I started to think back about my time in orchestra and realized that at the time, I thought the same thing.  How could they possibly hear me and my lonely violin over the entire orchestra?  It’s practically impossible, right?  Unless I’m that one lonely squeaky out of tune note that causes the audience to chuckle a bit.  Yet I remember my parents telling me that they could hear me and how well I did.  I was certain it was just obligatory and that they were doing their duty as my parental units.  But in spite of all that and though I didn’t act like it at the time, I appreciated it and was glad they said it.

Then I started thinking about last nights show and realized pretty much all I can recall hearing is Carolyn.  All I remember seeing is her.  Maybe it’s because I hear her singing around the house and know her voice.  Maybe it’s because I have super human hearing.  Or maybe it’s because as parents – we all do.  Every parent has the ability to pick out their child’s voice, cries and laughter from a dozen others.  That’s how we know to sit and leave you alone while you play at the park and continue our “adult” conversations when you are laughing and squealing and yet come running the instant you injure yourself and that squeal changes tone and you need us.

So to Carolyn I say – I heard you . . . and you sounded lovely and looked so grown up on that stage!  Even if you are your father’s daughter and think I didn’t hear you and was just being polite.  I heard you.  I’ll always hear you.  And most importantly – I’ll always want to hear you.

The Countdown Has Begun – Here Come’s Christmas!

The weekend has begun!  Looking forward to having a few days down time and using it to plan my vacation which will begin in just four short days.  As I logged off of work today it was strange to think I only have two more “work days” and then I will be on vacation until January.  Excited, stressed, ready – that about sums up my state of mind at the moment.

So, in the holiday spirit I decided to do a quick update to the site to get it ready for Christmas.  It’s sad to say that now my website is more festive and decorated than the house is currently.  However!  The plan is to get a Christmas tree this weekend and it’s pretty much all downhill from there.  Once the tree is up, Christmas and holiday crap just seem to start oozing from the rafters – so BRING IT ON!  I’m very ready for it.