Talking Shop With The Campus Author

Today was the first day back to the day job for 2014.  Fortunately I am afforded the ability to work from home, so I chose to do that today to ease myself into the “New Work Year“.  I will brave the office tomorrow and hear all the stories of co-workers Christmases, New Years celebrations and other things they did whilst we were on holiday – today was about me finding my rhythm and getting back into the work mindset.

That got me thinking about my writing, which to be honest wasn’t far from the forefront anyway.  As I was powering up the work laptop this morning I couldn’t help but pause and think how great it would have been if I were powering up my computer instead and that 2014 was the first year of being a full-time writer.

As fortune would have it, Caitlyn (a.k.a. The Campus Author who wrote A Common Language) was in town and came by for a visit so we could catch up and talk shop.  I don’t have many people with whom I can talk about writing, so it’s always a welcomed diversion from the daily grind when the opportunity presents itself.  It was fun sharing ideas, tips, discussing our individual approaches to “Zero Drafts” and what I call “The Bucket Theory” and of course sharing books we have read recently that the other should pick up.  As I worked my way through the 400+ emails I received whilst on holiday we carried on our conversation for most of the afternoon.  It was the perfect way to get my year started.

I think about writing all the time.  Actually writing is something I need to be better at finding the time.  In talking with Caitlyn this afternoon I expressed my concern with the fact that I feel so rusty at it that I know whatever I write will be shit and most likely will be shit for a while until I find my rhythm there too.  She shared a brilliant idea that I am going to use where I write something that will never see the light of day and use that to “grease the gears” so to speak.  A short stories collection centered around a single character or characters, a never ending saga that spins into oblivion – whatever it is doesn’t matter.  It will be beautifully horrific!  Exactly what it is meant to be and I can’t wait to get started.

So here’s to 2014.

A year of a lot less thinking and a lot more doing.