The Mid-Year Slump

*Dusts off home page*

*lowers head in shame at the amount of time that has lapsed since the last post*

*grabs keyboard and begins . . . . *

The length of time that has passed since I last logged in here and wrote anything is embarrassing.  And to think I like to call myself a writer!  Sure, I’ve been writing but how would anyone possibly know if I don’t mention it here from time to time.  Ridiculous – but let’s move on and forget my oversights for the moment.

170SleepsTillChristmas2014“The Mid-Year Slump”, as I like to call it, is in full swing.  The year is officially half over and as of today there are only 170 sleeps left until Christmas.  It’s that time of year where there are no good holidays on the horizon, the mercury is inching closer and closer to the 100 degree mark and once it does it won’t loosen it’s steamy grip until the sweet release of Autumn in late October.  Texas . . . you either love it or leave it, there really is no middle ground.  I can already feel myself yearning for the mornings when you step outside and feel a true coolness or even slight chill in the air that lets you know the summer is over and restful sleep is on the horizon.  No, I don’t sleep well during the heat of the summer months.  So as I told my friend today – I need a distraction.  Something to take my mind off the heat and monotony of clear sunny skies and the hot/dry weather.  Sunny days are boring.  Give me a good stormy day and I’m a happy boy.  But that’s a subject for another day and I need to get back to my original thought here.  I think this year I may try being more diligent in my writing here and elsewhere to keep me distracted until I can stop drinking iced coffee every morning and get back to the good stuff.

I have two writing projects that I am currently working on in my spare time.   I love both story concepts and I also love that they couldn’t be more opposite from each other if they tried.  In addition I have given myself no deadlines, no pressure and no limitations or requirements.  Only that I write – and so far I have been able to keep that very simple commitment.  Best of all the fact that I have given myself complete freedom to just write whenever the mood moves me has made writing that much more enjoyable.  Guilt free is the best method by far and I highly recommend it.  However, I am hoping that I will not only continue to write and reference that work here once and a while but that I will simply just “Blog” more too.  Random stories of something that did or didn’t happen.  My ridiculous obsession with the World Cup this year (thanks, Chad) or just a random picture of my family playing a game together.  Our flavor of the month lately has been RISK and has been the cause for some very heated debates and war-like tension in our home.

There is always something to say, something to share, or something to discuss.  I just need to stop being so darn lazy and make time to keep this place updated.  I’m paying for it, I might as well USE it from time to time.

Till the next time . . . whenever that may be.  I have work to do and the Germany v Brazil game is starting soon.