Annual Physical / The Sickness

This past Friday I had scheduled my annual physical.  I had been feeling fine all week long, but somehow woke up SICK that morning.  Who wakes up sick on the day of their physical?!  I kept the appointment, did the blood work and basics and then she sent me home with two prescriptions – an antibiotic and a steroid.

When I arrived home I found Summer in the living room who promptly informed me that Carolyn had already called and had come home sick as well, though with different symptoms (stomach cramps/pain).  I gave her my status report from the doctor (all good things, except for the illness), logged into work briefly to let my boss know I would be taking the day off ill and then as quickly as possible made my way to the bedroom where I slept for the next three hours.

When I woke up I discovered that we were getting our first real “winter weather” here in Texas.  Looking out the back door I saw flurries of snow bounding about in the air and what appeared to be sleet/ice on the deck.  It always amuses me the reaction people have to a little dusting and some icy patches here.  You would think a glacier had formed and that there was 15 feet of snow on the ground.  A friend of mine from the EVE Online community who also happens to live in Texas posted the following picture on his Twitter feed.  It is unbelievably accurate in regards to the local consensus.


So far, an interesting start to 2017!