Studio 3B Art

STUDIO 3B LOGOThanks to a YouTube suggested video I got the notion that I too could do abstract painting (Thanks Suraj Fine Arts!).

Sailboats_21 SEP 2019_first abstract ever paintedSo, on September 21st 2019 I made my first painting “Sailboats” and off I went.

I watched videos, tried different techniques and found it to be quite relaxing.  Plus as an added bonus at the end of my sessions I had something to show for my time spent, unlike most of my gaming exploits.

The feedback from family and friends on Facebook have been incredibly supportive.  The few coworkers I have shared my paintings with also expressed the same sentiment and urged me to continue.  Some people have already commissioned paintings from me, which I find bizarre.  I honestly don’t think they are as good as what people are telling me but none the less, people are requesting paintings.

One thing that I quickly noticed is that despite me liking my paintings I simply do not have the space to keep them all or they simply don’t really match or go with anything in the house.  I painted them for fun, not intended to keep or hang.

So what to do with them?

The answer – an Etsy store.

The hope is that the sales from the store will keep me in good supply of paint, canvases and brushes.  So I’ve provided a link to my store below and hope you check it out.  I’ve also created an Instagram account under the same name.  I hope you check that account out as well and give it a follow so you can see all of my paintings I have done to date and not just those that I have posted for sale.


Etsy Store:  Studio 3B Art

Instagram:  Studio 3B Art