Studio 3B


Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved to create things.

I loved to write and make up stories.  I loved to create things from thin air and be the person who made the thing that other people want.  There are so many things that I want to do that often times even I think “dude – what the hell!  focus on one thing, will you?!??”.

STUDIO 3B is the creative “lab” where I will be consolidating my creative outlets under.

From podcasts to painting to whatever the future may hold, this moniker will serve as my branding so that you’ll know exactly where the content you are consuming came from.  Me!

But my brain just isn’t wired that way – so I have a multitude of “projects” that I start that never “end” per se . . . they just get put aside until I eventually come back to them.  STUDIO 3B is now the Vault where I will store these projects, keep them going and I’m positive will continue to add more as time goes on.


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Thanks to a YouTube suggested video I got the notion that I too could do abstract painting (Thanks Suraj Fine Arts!).

Sailboats_21 SEP 2019_first abstract ever paintedSo, on September 21st 2019 I made my first painting “Sailboats” and off I went.

I watched videos, tried different techniques and found it to be quite relaxing.  Plus as an added bonus at the end of my sessions I had something to show for my time spent, unlike most of my gaming exploits.

The feedback from family and friends on Facebook have been incredibly supportive.  The few coworkers I have shared my paintings with also expressed the same sentiment and urged me to continue.  Some people have already commissioned paintings from me, which I find bizarre.  I honestly don’t think they are as good as what people are telling me but none the less, people are requesting paintings.

One thing that I quickly noticed is that despite me liking my paintings I simply do not have the space to keep them all or they simply don’t really match or go with anything in the house.  I painted them for fun, not intended to keep or hang.

So what to do with them?

The answer – an Etsy store.


Etsy Store:  Studio 3B Art

Instagram:  Studio 3B Art