kaizen_logoWhile scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning one of those random posts that clutter your wall caught my eye.  I’ll link the actual article here for those curious of mind.  After reading the brief article and quickly scanning the Wikipedia page for KAIZEN, the idea of it resonated with me so I wanted to take a few minutes to write about it.

First off – lets just stick a pin in the thought that “KAIZEN” is probably the coolest word I’ve heard in a long time and how I immediately thought it would make for an excellent EVE Online name (yes, I’ve already checked zKillboard and YES – I’m late to the party yet again!) and lets just talk about the articles overall meaning.  In the article they focus on the “one minute principle” where they say that a person should focus on doing one thing for one minute a day and to do that one thing at the same time each day.  They continue to make the argument that even the laziest person can focus on something for 60 seconds.  But the long term effect would ultimately be that in creating this routine you will begin to extend the time you spend doing your one activity and do so on your own accord because you enjoy it and are seeking to perfect whatever it is even further.

I see what you’re doing there, KAIZEN – and I gotta say . . . I like it.

Funny thing is that I have recently found myself wanting to expand my universe a bit, so I have started reading more, watching the news more and even trying to establish a more healthy lifestyle by watching what I eat and make every attempt to get a little exercise in each day.  I’ve been doing this now for several weeks and it seems the KAIZEN method fits right into the little routines I have created for myself.  I also found myself agreeing with the articles assessment about extending the time you spend doing your designated activity.  I have already seen that in my own efforts.  Not because I made the conscious decision to increase my time reading, watching the news (which is VERY addicting, by the way!  Just saying….the girls hate it and roll their eyes when I change the channel on them . . . . but I’m getting off point – back to the story . . . ), or even writing here.  I find myself spending more time doing those things because I found a true enjoyment in them.

So what would you choose to do for 60 seconds each day?  If more than one thing comes to mind – GREAT!  Go crazy!  After all, you do have 86,400 seconds each day to burn through.  Might as well use two or three of them for a little self improvement – right?